Cost cutting remains a strategic priority for IT as it represents an important part of total spending—5 percent or more in some industries.

Many CIOs have already spent years reducing costs in operations, procurement, and outside services and finding additional rooms for substantial savings isn't easy.

Significant reductions and efficiencies are possible by changing expensive hardware and software infrastructure and standardizing onto low cost hardware and software infrastructure, and bringing practices to state-of-the art.

Metaware has refined over time 5 solutions for sustainable cost cutting

Metaware has refined over time 5 solutions for sustainable cost cutting:

  • Mainframe elimination
  • Devops acceleration
  • Open source migration
  • ADM Optimization

Mainframe Elimination

The most cost effective way to dramatically reduce OPEX by 90% and enable the digital transformation of your legacy applications

  • Perception of monopoly pricing for mainframes drives many organization to reduce this spending item.
  • Replatforming is the best option to achieve order-of-magnitude OPEX savings.
  • Migrating applications running on a mainframe off to a modern and low cost platforms such as Linux or Windows on premises or in the Cloud not only deliver savings, but also allows for faster time to market and digital transformation enablement.
  • REPLATFORMING includes the modernization of the entire software stack used to develop, operate and run the applications such as Database, Application Server, Operations tools, Development and test tools, and more.

Devops acceleration

Traditional approaches to software delivery are too slow for today’s speed of business. They are fragmented, error prone, wasteful, and time consuming. In a recent Forrester study of 100s of IT leaders, they found that about 75% of software delivery cycle times are still in units of many months or years.

Traditional processes and practices are ‘unsafe at every speed’.

Open Source Migration

Metaware Open Source migration solution addresses the replacement of a programming language, an operations tool, a middleware and a database by a low cost equivalent, it’s to say an Open Source component when available.

Programming language, operation tool and middleware

ADM Optimization

Our ADM solution addresses two distincts areas of improvement:

  • ADM sourcing by measuring software size, quality, risk and productivity.
  • ADM implementation by providing the developer the tools and processes to recover lost knowledge of legacy application

ADM Sourcing Optimization

Gartner says optimizing Application Development and Maintenance can cut costs by more than 50 Percent

Application development and maintenance (ADM), inclusive of application support, constitute a large component of "run IT" and account for 34% of IT budgets across all industries.

The ADM unit cost can be significantly optimized over time, provided that best practices are followed including sourcing strategy, productivity and quality metrics, provider selection and negotiation, and ongoing operations and vendor management.

  • Use the right tool and metrics to size application portfolio and development efforts, and determine the right size of the ADM teams when outsourcing.
  • Redesign the application service sourcing strategy by performing an application portfolio and life cycle activity analysis.
  • Drive continuous optimization of ADM activities by comparing with similar processes and using benchmarks and contractual KPIs/SLAs.

ADM implementation industrialization

Integrated with the eclipse-based developer workstation and the DevOps tools and processes, metaware has developed additional tools to increase developer productivity and code quality in the context of legacy assets.

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