Testing is essential nowadays for companies. It allows them become leaders, guarantee profitability and satisfy end customers. Reducing Time-to-Market increases value, but requires agility and speed for immediate commissioning (DevOps). At the same time, it is essential to incorporate new solutions for the most high-performing systems: virtualisation, cloud, UX, Big Data, Testing and ongoing deployment. Finally, it is important to consider legacy systems to optimise existing investments (technology debt, ERP, lower operating expenses). The payoff is an information system in line with current uses and industry expectations. An essential performance booster in the face of increased competition!

Three-module testing to respond to all of your needs

Testing has already been through two stages: professionalisation and standardisation. Today, it is entering the third stage, characterised by efficiency and speed. With this in mind, we have upgraded our offer.

 My Testing is a modular offer tailored to all of our customers' needs

My Testing boosts the efficiency of your test process, takes charge of your test activities and manages your production risks. The payoff is a reduced time-span for your tests and cost optimisation through standardisation.

  • With My Testing DIGITAL we can test digital complexity, reproduce user and customer uses, increase system security and guarantee high levels of performance.
  •  My Testing DEVOPS covers the automation of your test activities, the processing of testability as a requirement of your system, the coordination of your tests through the service quality and the ongoing integration of your system.

What's more, our Testing industry channel is very balanced, allowing us to step in on all processes (expert test, leader test, analyst test and engineer test). And we can assist in the Banking & Insurance, Energy, Industry, and Pharmaceuticals sectors

Offering general support for test evaluation

We support our customers in evaluating test processes (ISO 29119 standard). This approach allows them to optimise the cross-disciplinary test strategies, automation strategies and outsourcing strategies. We can also deploy the test resources through automation, the management of data sets and the virtualisation of test environments. Finally, the implementation of third-party software testing activities is a solution for independent third-party testers both on-site and remotely in industrial service centres in France and offshore (Morocco, Spain and India). 

We handle integration, acceptance, qualification, approval, performance, security and operability test activities with a fixed result commitment.

Finally, we supply project testing tools – HP, Dynatrace, etc. – or open source tools such as eXtensive Testing©, a test automation tool developed in-house, and manage test environments.

Key figures

  •  600 test consultants, half of which are ISTQB-certified
  • three service offers: My Testing, My testing DIGITAL, My Testing DEVOPS
  • five industrial service centres in France, Europe and North Africa

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