Data processing and exploitation are now a genuine business challenge for our customers. The real-time analysis and traceability of major information flows offer precious decision-making assistance across the company with customer marketing, behavioural studies on consumption preferences and habits, image promotion on social media (online reputation, geolocation, etc.), risk control, fraud, real-time internet security management, process and performance coordination, optimisation of logistics processes, etc. Data is exploited in two ways: through the analysis of metrics (using BI systems) combined with market-specific knowledge (using Smart and Big Data approaches).

Responding to your challenges with a comprehensive offer:

Our BI offer is geared towards both optimisation and maintenance issues in institutional applications and based on three major areas of decision-making:

  • Data integration: collecting data from the upstream IS (HR IT, CRM, Finance, Stocks, etc.) using major market ETL platforms.
  • Data Warehouse implementation: cleaning up, recording, modelling and storing data to offer a secure and high-performing warehouse of decision-making data.
  • Reporting Analytics: recalling the assistance in decision-making and the strategic alignment of the company on the basis of management reports, descriptions and descriptive and predictive statistical analysis.

This is consolidated by our expert industrial approach which is backed up by a strong alliance between our network of experts and our near and offshore industrial capacity.

Our Big Data offer comprises some of the most specialised start-ups in the French ecosystem and our active partnership policy with market leaders has allowed us to retain know-how and thus offer transparent solutions perfectly tailored to your needs:

  • Strategic partners: Appex, Adaltas and DataValue
  • Major BI publishing partners: Microsoft, IBM, Talend, Teradata, Ab Initio, Qlik, Informatica, SAP
  • Major Big Data publishing partners: Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Talend, Tableau Software

A multi-industry, multi-channel and multi-sector offer

Our approach is intended to be diverse and multidisciplinary. It encompasses the multi-channel 360° customer vision, risk prediction and management, the monitoring of health indicators, fault diagnosis for automatic onboard systems, flight data collection, 3D image reconstruction using 2D scans and the processing of telecoms network data (+2 PB in total).

Our expertise is split into five lines of service:

  • Consulting, BI, CRM, Analytics and Big Data
  • Packaged solutions and Appliance expertise: BI2BI, BI Mobile, Teradata, Netezza, Greenplum
  • BI solutions: Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Qlik, Tableau
  • Modelling: data integration hub, Data Vault modelling
  • Expert Service Centres: Teradata, Netezza, BO, Informatica, SAS, Talend

Our service offer covers the entire process for both BI and Big Data, from the upstream stage to commissioning, maintenance and monitoring in operation:

  • Reporting solution assistance, databases with massively parallel architecture (MPA), NoSQL solutions and MDM (Master Data Management)
  • BI and Big Data scoping and design
  • Data Warehouse and Data Lake build project
  • Technical and version migration with an automatic audit of the BO stock (BI2BI), SAP BI4 migration, etc.
  • Industrial offers geared towards preventive maintenance and Data Science, Customer Experience Management, optimisation of property assets and cybersecurity management.
  • Additional maintenance, massification and processing offers: ATG and Centre of Expertise, BI Service Centre, and BI and Big Data application use.

Key figures

  • 500 consultants and experts
  • Five service lines
  • Key expertise: cybersecurity, Customer Experience Management, multi-channel 360° customer vision

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