After the consolidation of IP networks, telecom service providers and companies whose offer or operational structure is based on an infrastructure covering a wide geographic area are now facing a new development: virtualisation.

Managing an increasingly complex ecosystem

Today, service platforms and applications, collect, filter and correlate network-related events in order to provide operating support centres with useful and “prioritised” information. In addition, efforts need to be made to restore services solve any problems identified. This is essential to ensure a high level of service.

Companies are still faced with many requirements: multi-domain and multi-technology consolidation, managing alerts, etc.  Market developments also require us to consider the complexities associated with the virtualisation of platforms and networks, as well as the provision of services based on the aggregation of components derived from a partnership-based ecosystem.

Dual expertise in IT and telecommunications

For several years, we have assisted providers of services based on IT and telecommunication infrastructures in defining their solutions and operational processes, their implementation, maintenance and development. This expertise is underpinned by our unique positioning as an expert in both IT and telecommunications.

This positioning lets us support telecom service providers for individual and corporate customers, or for internal customers at major companies, whose operations rely heavily on telecommunication networks for the entire life cycle of the resources and processes. The goal is to keep control over the state of the components responsible for the communications services used by the company or its customers. Accordingly, our solution is applied throughout NOC and telecom operational processes, and throughout IS development and integration projects.

Expertise based on partnerships and a close relationship with users

Our partnership with Nokia, a leading player in the industry, enables us to address projects from start to finish, providing clarity on the latest trends and developments in the telecoms, cloud, and NFV/SDN markets.

Our determination to work as close as possible to the teams using the systems also enables us to satisfy real operational requirements and to meet the daily challenges associated with network management.

Our expertise acquired over the years enables us to provide management systems for a specific domain that is fully integrated and dedicated to a process – such as a video service platform – or to implement a multitechnology hypervisor for national centres operating the networks of major telecom operators. We adapt to all scales!

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Combining the solutions of leading publishers with specific proprietary solutions

  • Methodological process support (Frameworx)
  • Agile methodology for production and support in the project life and assistance
  • DevOps service centre
  • Service-Oriented Frameworx to define IS urbanisation

We can integrate solutions based on the leading publishers on the market (such as IBM Tivoli Netcool), as well as proprietary solutions to adapt to different contexts (solution for a specific site or country).

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