In the IT and the telecom sectors the time is right for centralised catalogue management for products and offers. Should a centralised product catalogue be introduced into the commercial information architecture? And if so, with which goal?

Fostering convergence in multichannel mode

The starting point is convergence. Multiplay operators (mobile, fixed-line, internet) often have information systems organised in silos. In order to propose convergent offers they need a tool that allows the creation of new commercial offers without touching the existing IS. The second point is the multiplicity of channels. Customers buy operators’ offers through various channels: in-store, through resellers, on the operator’s website, through mobile applications, etc. Operators need to be able to present a single catalogue, and the rules associated with it, to every application that needs this information. How? Through a centralised product catalogue.

Managing catalogues from A to Z

We have global expertise in information systems for telecom operators and a perfect command of all the associated processes, notably through our experience in the setup of performance and invoicing solutions within a catalogue of services and products.

Likewise, our knowledge of ordering solutions that manage a commercial catalogue, or the provisioning and activation solutions that break the catalogue down into services, enable us to offer a 360° solution. Finally, our customer relation solutions translate all this information for customers as clearly as possible. The result: stronger customer loyalty.

20 years of experience in the sector

Thanks to our 20 years of experience in the telecom and IT sectors, our overall knowledge of all the industry processes enable us to take on a large variety of projects in the field of catalogue offer management. We can address all of your challenges.

Download the Catalogue Management offer with subscribers’ offers and discover all of its functionalities.

Managing complexity

Our solutions are based on products currently on the market that enable the production of a centralised catalogue that can be integrated into complex and heterogeneous information systems.

We work with third-party products according to our customers’ specific expectations and the demands that have been defined by the operator in the solution’s specifications.

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