In the IT and telecommunications sectors, companies focus on managing their catalogue of products and offers. Should a centralised product catalogue solution be added to business information architecture? And if so, to what end?

Fostering multi-channel convergence

A first approach concerns convergence. Multiplay operators (mobile, landline, Internet) often have information systems that are built in silos. To create converged offers, they must therefore have a tool that creates new business offers without impacting the existing IS. The second approach relates to the multiple channels available. Clients access operator offers in several ways: in store, via dealers, on the operator’s website, via mobile apps etc. It is therefore essential to be able to display the same catalogue, with the relevant rules, to all channels. This is where the centralised product catalogue comes in.

Managing catalogues from A to Z

Thanks to our experience in implementing billing and capitalisation solutions, which include a catalogue of services and products, we bring you our industry-wide experience of telecoms operator information systems, and a perfect command of all related processes.

Additionally, our knowledge of ordering solutions, which manage a sales catalogue, and of provisioning and activations solutions, which break down the catalogue into services, gives us a 360° view of the issues involved. Lastly, our client relationship solutions translate this information for clients to offer a high level of clarity and help build client loyalty.

20 years’ experience in the sector

With 20 years of experience in the telecommunications and IT sectors, our overall knowledge of the business processes enables us to implement a great number of highly varied projects in the field of catalogue management. We are therefore in a position to address all your challenges.

Download our Suscriber Catalogue Management offer and find out more about all the functions available.

Managing complexity

Our solutions are built on market solutions that can generate centralised catalogues for integration in complex and heterogeneous information systems.

We work with third-party products according to our clients’ specific expectations and the restrictions indicated in the solution’s specifications, as defined by the operator.

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