The relationship between customers and brands is on track, or rather well on tracks… This is the focus of omnichannel: to adapt to the contact method chosen by the customer in order to offer him a fluid and, above all, efficient experience.

It is vital these days, yet the service needs to be cost-effective, interfacing well with all the brand’s lines and with a value that differentiates it from the competition.

Experience quality and efficiency of the processes

One thing is certain: technological evolutions have made it possible to multiply the entry points between a customer and a brand. From the classic channels like a traditional shop, mail, sms, e-commerce websites, blogs, call centres introducing themselves onto social networks, mobile applications, comparators, market places or interactive terminals… a variety of entry points which represent real opportunities if the brand has the know-how to guarantee the quality, the coherence and the personalisation of the experience, as well as the efficiency of the processes.

Innovative actions rolled out

At Gfi, the cross canal customer experience is designed, built, operated and/or transformed through various innovative actions:

  • Customer experience maps and personas, imagining interactions between these channels and different types of customer.
  • Agile interface design involving every department (sales, logistics, supply, purchases…) and our UX specialists.
  • Our experience of delivering a single customer experience through unified mail/sms/voice/chat/fax customer contact centres.
  • Our knowledge of unifying solutions that make it possible to share and personalise customer and product information, with real-time available or incoming stock figures.

A complete digital and distribution skills package

Better even, Gfi makes all of its digital and distribution skills available to ensure the quality of the customer experience and the efficiency of these interactions (conversion rate, up selling, cross selling…).

Through our expertise with digital agencies, eBusiness and operator solutions for an all-round service, our customers make the right choices and maintain a level of performance and scalability of their implementation.

Whether it is evaluating an established system, structured reflection on tomorrow’s needs, defining and outlining solutions (and building a path towards them), building efficient solutions, transforming business areas and processes involving BtoB or BtoC customer contact, operating and ensuring continuity of service, Gfi can help you manage your markets within this spectrum of continued progress and innovation.

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