Social services and initiatives are managed around users’ needs. States, local authorities, and major players in the public, private, and charity sectors create social services for citizens, employees, affiliates and members. In order to optimise these offers, you first have to know what resources they require. With its functional and technical structure, Iodas meets these challenges by factoring in the complex systems, the diverse range of actions, the fact that participants are frequently scattered geographically, and the mobility of the professions involved.

Iodas covers all social services in their entirety

Iodas is a set of software packages that manages the entire information system for educating, deciding, executing, tracking and coordinating all social services targeted at individuals, groups and families. It covers public, private and charity structures – including the scope of expertise and actions – and incorporates simple or complex, discretionary or mandatory social services using their resources and those of their partners.

Iodas addresses French departments responsible for implementing major social services related to the elderly, disabled people, integration and children.

As a result of the high-level base concept and extensive customisation, Iodas has a remarkable ability to adapt to the needs of a variety of bodies, all manner of social services, management rules and varied and progressive organisations and practices.

Download the Iodas offer and discover all of these features (document in French):

  • Managing all types of service on a joint platform using customisable procedures and a powerful calculation engine, regardless of the field, characteristics of the service, mode of management or the organisation and practices of the body.
  • Managing all forms of access to the application on the basis of the confidentiality rules in place (access rights and levels of access).
  • Accessing, tracking, viewing, saving and easily editing a file from clearly identified screens.
  • Configuring, customising, producing and editing every type of document (e-mails with customised page backgrounds, notifications, lists, statistics, etc.). Iodas integrates and manages simplified Office tools.
  • Saving the existing service providers or supplies for each type of service and performing calculations and management/control tasks for contingent payments.

Optional Iodas modules enable:

  • The integration of electronic document management for managing (incoming and outgoing) paper files.
  • The launch of the social information system for enquirers, beneficiaries and partners.
  • The use of mobile tools aimed at mobile players.
  • The provision of standard or specific data warehouses, simplifying queries and indicator creation.

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