Portals, mobility, e-procedures and social networks are just some of the new uses which have joined traditional channels in redefining the relationship between local authorities and citizens, users and partners.

Guiding the changes in the public sector–citizen relationship

As their missions change shape, public bodies must also contend with increasing budgetary constraints, forcing them to rethink the reception and processing of the requests that come their way. These new challenges are bringing about changes within organisations and a need for a modern administrative relations processing tool.

Centralising and automating exchanges with third parties to boost their satisfaction

Gfi Public CRM is the integrated management solution for administration relations. It makes your citizens, users and partners central to your organisation by optimising the processing of their requests. Developed by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Gfi Public CRM comprises the various business frames of reference as well as the 360° approach, processing procedures and reporting.

With its completely paperless strategy, the solution caters to all needs: online forms, mobile applications and storage for all civil supporting documents. A 360° approach helps optimise and centralise all interactions between public bodies and third parties.

This automatic approach gives the citizen a key role in their processes, which boosts satisfaction while reducing processing costs for the public body.

Download the Public CRM offer and discover all the features:

Third-party accounts

  • A 360° approach to third-party accounts
  • A customised and pre-completed request form
  • Real-time tracking of the progress of requests
  • Online portal and mobile applications

Frames of reference

  • Creation and administration of the public body's frames of reference through configuration
  • Mass or automatic updating of frames of reference


  • A targeted e-mail campaign with a measure of effectiveness
  • An e-mail and/or text message on the progress of the files
  • A letter with acknowledgement of receipt

Management of processes and paperless exchanges

  • Creation and amendment of request processing procedures through configuration only
  • Configuration of all types of request form for multi-channel integration (internet, online and offline mobility, social networks, etc.)
  • GED for supporting document files

Decision-making elements

  • A request processing management indicator
  • An analysis of the effectiveness of the public policy

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