Over the last 20 years, we have supported the largest university hospital group in Europe. Every year, the group treats 7 million patients within its 39 hospitals. It also trains thousands of professionals and conducts many research projects intended to develop the healthcare of the future.

We support this client through various projects, such as:

  • Application services: patient management, medico-economic projects – PMSI, hospital management, medical procedure server – CCAM, cancer research (RCP-DCC)
  • Consulting: SAMU audit
  • Publishing and integration: patient files, pharmacovigilance
  • Infrastructure and security services: AMOA/AMOE as part of the implementation of the SM7 (HP) IT Support Management tool

All-round support to healthcare institutions

Drawing on our expertise in the industry, we offer this client comprehensive support across all its projects: pre-audit, consulting, project management, integration into the group’s IT system, training, customised solutions, corrective, preventive, adaptive and scalable maintenance, together with technical and functional support.

By way of example, our Actpidos and Gfi-Temps Médical offers provide an all-round solution for healthcare staff and other employees working in the hospital centre, in particular with respect to the computerised management of patient files.

Better working conditions, high-quality treatment and patient care

Technical expertise has helped to optimise hospital management and patient care, while saving time (and thereby improving performance) for professionals working in the hospital centre. In addition, it ensures quality treatment and improved working conditions.

Improved multi-disciplinary coordination meetings leads to the standardisation of working methods, whereas giving nurses and doctors permanent access to patient records allows them to respond faster and better to a patient’s needs. Sharing information between different departments and even different sites facilitates communication and, as a result, ensures proper patient care.

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