The aim of clinical research is to control the effectiveness and safety of medication, therapeutic products and materials before they go on the market. For the organisations in charge of this activity, the clinical trial management system (CTMS) helps strengthen the procedures and practices by eliminating individual approaches. It allows them to place controls on access and the roles of users and supplies them with frames of reference which help save time when inputting and consolidating data.

 eTrialManager® for optimum processing of clinical results

Gfi eTrialManager® has been devised to meet clinical study management requirements in administrative, scientific, regulatory and financial terms. The solution addresses every organisation and stakeholder with clinical study management responsibilities.

With 20 years of experience, Gfi eTrialManager® is used by a range of sites for varied aims. The tool evolves functionally and technologically based on the needs of users.

Developed in close cooperation with pharmaceutical laboratories, it offers comprehensive and powerful features, optimum performance and a user-friendly graphic interface.

Gfi eTrialManager® is easy to use and configurable, making it suitable for all clinical research stakeholders. It saves a substantial amount of time in managing clinical data and processing the results.

The main benefits for the user are traceability and data control, coverage of frames of reference, studies and clinical trials and the handling of visit plans and procedures.

Download the eTrialManager offer and discover all the features

360° coverage of your clinical needs

  • Security and traceability

Various levels (department, role, study, country, dates), password, management of external participants, configurable audit trail

  • Centre management

Comprehensive management of all regulatory, financial and scientific data from the Centres

  • Management of patients and adverse events
  • Theoretical and actual visitor dates, tracking items
  • Tracking of recovered and returned product investigations (observance assessment)
  • AE, CRFs and DCFs, SDVs
  • Standard editions

More than 100 available (contacts, countries, studies, centres, patients, financial contracts and more)

  • Control panels

Direct access to control panels on the data to be tracked by the user.

  • Contact database: duplicate management, tracking of exchanges, participation history, filtered searches
  • General study data: management of all data (no., type, status, therapeutic area, etc.)
  • Study plans: several visit plans for each study and applicability (for each study, centre and country)
  • Recruitment plan: planning, set up of one or more centres for each study, optimum visibility in terms of the forecasts
  • Staff involved in the studies: detailed information on their role, periods of employment, etc. for each level of participation
  • Tracking of exchanges: detailed tracking of exchanges with contacts and staff involved in the study
  • Problem tracking: detailed tracking with a holistic approach
  • Optional modules
    • Document management
    • Investigational product management
    • Material management
    • CRF and DCF management
    • Financial management
    • Service provider management
    • Volunteer management
    • Specific reports through check-lists
    • Offline mode

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