The computerisation of health records, and consequently all patient information, is now a mandatory step: specialists’ files, medical observations, clinical and radiological results, letters and administrative information… The health sector is becoming digitalised and Gfi, thanks to its expertise, offers healthcare providers an appropriate software solution, giving them a better care pathway, creating better communication between different departments, and better coordination.

Actipidos, a single patient file

The Gfi ACTIPIDOS-DPI solution accompanies healthcare professionals in managing patient care throughout their treatment. In emergency services, in consultation or during hospitalisation (MCO, SSR, PSY, USLD), the ACTIPIDOS structure traces, shares and secures the patient file’s information. Thanks to this centralisation of data, each person who comes into contact with the patient, whether it be medical or administrative staff, has access to the information they need at any given moment. This ensures a fluid patient journey, and facilitates coordination between services. Direct access to all relevant patient information ensures optimal healthcare.

Actipidos is an open, interactive solution with a set of features ensure complete coverage of the healthcare approach and medical record management.

Download the Actipidos offer (document in French)

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