Mobility is a core requirement of thousands of field technicians responsible for the operation and maintenance of energy networks. Instead of being a constraint, this can be a source of opportunity for service and productivity providers, provided that they offer competitive and targeted technical solutions.

Meeting and improving the level of service, optimising resources and productivity gains, modernising services and working methods in the field - there is no shortage of challenges for energy companies and their engineers. Gfi offers its customers a variety of tools that allow each industry to integrate high-end technological solutions. Whether this is upstream through an industry survey, the definition of target processes and organisation, or the definition of solutions from technological intelligence during the POC elaboration, or downstream with the implementation of solutions, maintaining their operational requirements, the transformation pathways and managing these changes. A suitable industry response for requirements The Gfi mobility offer encompasses an industry solution in line with comprehensive requirements: Contingency management and same-day rescheduling; Flexibility of appointments and recognition of service delivery; Diagnostic support and remote technical support; Provision of more technical information; Data capture of asset information; Customer relations. Technical industry solutions In order to be truly efficient the chosen technical solutions need to adapt to all the usage conditions and work ergonomics. As a publisher, Gfi also makes it possible to use a variety of media (geographic information, data, image, son, enhanced reality, social media, virtual world). The applicable flux is also particularly varied with a cockpit for dispatching work orders, a diagnostics and remote assistance centre and a multichannel customer/technician relationship in operation. Innovation and services aimed at mobility All energy providers face issues related to mobility. But they will be different for each provider, especially when it involves sensitive industries (Airbus pilot, electricity network technician, smart building administrator). If the impact of emerging technologies is fully controlled, the performance of field work is massively improved. To that end, Gfi has innovation laboratories and service centres dedicated to mobility (Toulouse, Sophia Antipolis, Lannion, Paris, Lille), and a multi-technology, multi-terminal approach (iOS, Windows, Android, tablet, watch, glasses, PDA).

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