The deregulation of the energy sector in France represents an opportunity but also a problem to the existing players who have to rethink the customer contact processes while integrating new possibilities offered by communications technologies.

The deregulation of the energy sector in France means that every consumer, professional, local authority or individual is now free to choose their energy provider. The current challenge for these providers’ call centres is to differentiate themselves from the competition by meeting customers’ needs from the initial contact, while leaving the choice of the time and means of communication up to the customer, or by customising and contextualising each communication… in short, by significantly improving the customer experience!

Effective solutions

Gfi builds and manages relevant solutions in this sector for tens of millions of final customers through:

  • communication and collaboration utilities, both external and internal to the company;
  • a fluid customer experience thanks to a multi-channel approach, and to mobility…;
  • but also predictive analyses, the upgradeability and the geographic rollout of the service, managing peak periods of consumption through optimisation solutions, and flexible processes (cloud offer, Saas mode, outsourcing…).

End to end support

The success of assisted projects relies on Gfi’s positioning throughout the chain. Upstream through consultation and auditing with:

  • an industry analysis, outlining the ambitions and needs, technological advice;
  • drawing up precise specifications;
  • assistance with the choice of tools and assistance with contractual elements.

The solutions are then developed through technological surveillance and the construction of POC, and thereafter produced and maintained in operating conditions around ten themes:

Downstream, Gfi provides the rollout and evolution via:

  • hosting, maintenance and support;
  • Cloud platforms and omni-channel;
  • Supporting the business teams (statistics, analysis and recommendations, animation…);
  • The transformation path and change management.

Unique expertise

Gfi’s expertise stems above all from the successful combination of its specific energy-related know-how (call centre operator for 32 million EDF customers in France) with skills in remote point-of-sale (Groupe 3 Suisses…). Experiences that have made it possible to implement the cornerstone of the multichannel relationship: individual customer information and a 360° view. In each case the approach is multi-technological and multi-device, with full control over all the channels to be integrated (hot channels: chat, social networks, vision, telephone, SMS; cold channels: email, mail, FAQ, avatar…).

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