In just three months, GFI has managed to meet the challenge of initiating the transformation and industrialisation of the sourcing of a French banking group’s IT corporate department. In so doing, Gfi has enabled the client to focus on its relations with the business divisions and give priority to critical and urgent projects.

This “express” outsourcing and massification will free up extra time and leeway for the client.

The IT corporate department, which is responsible for the IS of the Group’s corporate divisions (Risk, Finance and Accounting), sought to change its internal practices in 2012 by ramping up its resources and standardising its relations with the business lines. As part of its new sourcing strategy (setting up a small panel of experienced partners, each able to cover 85% of its technological and functional remit), the department chose us to:

  • reduce costs related to maintenance and non-critical projects by outsourcing them,
  • help it to optimise the business lines, both in terms of lead times and cost control.

Within three months, we set the transformation in motion by:

  • immediately establishing Grouped Technical Assistance (GTA) by scope for the corporate andcross-disciplinary divisions,
  • transferring services to the Services Centre (SC) in Lille (Mainframe and NTIC activities); and subsequently transferring NTIC technology-related services to nearshore centres (Spain and Portugal).

Thanks to the quality of our services, our client also entrusted us with the management of more specific Microsoft (Sharepoint) and BI (Talend) technologies.

At the end of 2015, the work of our 65 employees in the Service Centre led to:

  • increased quality of service on maintenance works and projects (increased production capacity, meeting deadlines and delivering the expected quality levels),
  • optimised costs thanks to relocation (80% of activity outsourced),
  • cost control through fixed prices (70% of services),
  • refocusing MSI employees on activities at the peak of the business cycle and ensuring increased capacity to meet business line requirements.

Closer and more efficient

Our team relied on a tried and tested organisation model and transformation approach. Our hands-on management was one of the key factors of success, letting our client adapt and enjoy flexibility in its practices.

Our performance drivers:

  • rapidly ramping up our expertise : our 3-month client immersion approach enabled the Lille team to acquire profound knowledge of the challenges facing the client, and functional expertise relating to its highly diversified business lines;
  • hands-on and seamless management: our Programme Director worked at the client’s premises, thereby ensuring a liaison between the client’s operational teams and the SC for greater efficiency. As a result, we could deliver high production capacity, going from 3 000 days/person delivered in the first year to 14 000 days/person in the third year, without affecting service quality;
  • trust: our Programme Director’s presence within the client’s teams ensured a close relationship with the client and fostered exchanges.


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