The acceleration of regulatory changes, the ageing of the population, the withdrawal of the mandatory scheme, technological innovations, growing customer demands: to face these numerous challenges, insurers and brokers need to transform. And the modernisation of their IS is a key element for success.

Within complex, often custom-designed software systems, the choice of a component application or a set of modules, in addition to or as a replacement of an ageing application, is a sensible choice that is easier to implement and allows the faster roll out of new services.

Turnkey, powerful industry software

We have built our offer to respond to both current and future challenges within the insurance sector.

CLEVA: the only software suite for integrated management (ERP Front and Back Office) on the European market that covers the entire insurance and brokerage industry (personal insurance, life insurance, Fire, Accidents and Diverse Risks (IARD) and social welfare).

Published by ITN*, the CLEVA suite is guaranteed to be in compliance with all current regulations.

Cogit suite: an evolutionary modular software suite dedicated to asset management and wealth management consisting of 2 modules:

  • StarCust, for the management of life insurance contract investments in units of account, including the justification of asset/liability backing.
  • Trade Fees, to handle the liabilities of management companies and the calculation of commissioning and retrocessions in the framework of the distribution of money-market funds (life-insurance).

Suite published by Techmind*.

Bdoc Suite: a modular software suite for Client Management Communications, specialised in the design and distribution of multi-support documents to personalise your customer relations.

Bdoc Suite can be integrated module by module or globally in your information system and it enables:

  • the creation of personalised documents (Bdoc WebDesign module),
  • the interactive production of personalised documents (Bdoc Interactive module, with a validation circuit),
  • the design and production of large volumes of documents (Bdoc Design and Bdoc Edit modules),
  • cross media publication (print, email, mobile, tablet, fax) of documents and their archiving (Bdoc Online module).

Suite published by Business Document*.

* A Gfi Group company

Services for optimising the implementation of software suites

Integration of our software suites: as we are both the publisher and the integrator of software suites, we are your single point of contact for more efficiency and peace of mind.

Outsourcing: we install your software suite on a distant server in a SaaS model to accelerate the implementation and to simplify the management of your chosen solution.

Advice: we offer you our expertise to accelerate and improve the digital transformation of your company: Open Data and Big Data, user-centric approach (UX), use of connected objects, cyber security, new portals and mobile solutions…

Gfi: your partner for publishing and integration

Our success is based on the personalisation of the customer relationship.

We are committed, individually and collectively, to your satisfaction. We put our expertise at your service day after day. Our tailor-made industrialisation is a guarantee that we will accompany you in a strategy of managed growth and a secure corporate transition.

This engagement is best demonstrated "in the field" – we listen to you, we work closely with your teams, and we have an in-depth knowledge of your company and your problems.

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