Gfi, in partnership with Tous pour la Santé, a program and website by Dr François Sarkozy, provides its expertise and Botfoundry technology to make available to the general public a chatbot, which answers the numerous legitimate questions concerning the Covid-19 outbreak and its implications. Tous pour la Santé ensures the hosting and the editorial aspects of the system:

Taking concrete action in the fight against Covid-19, by offering the best of its expertise, is in essence the motivation that led the Gfi Group's Innovation teams to develop, free-of-charge, a chatbot allowing the general public to obtain general and context-specific information concerning Covid-19.

Synergies of expertise and skills

In a context that raises questions and concerns for all, this initiative aims to provide clear and simple answers to the general public.

From a technical point of view, it is a conversational platform (a sophisticated chatbot) that makes it possible to answer many questions in natural language and in a contextual way, particularly depending on the geographical area.

The editorial aspect is led by the Tous pour la Santé teams, who ensure daily updates of data and recommendations from government authorities and the leading experts dealing with this health crisis.

Vincent Rouaix, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Gfi Group, gave the impetus for this collaboration and states:“The health crisis we are currently experiencing compels and commits us to doing our best, within the limit of our competences and with humility, in order to be useful to the greatest number of people possible. Just as we have done by providing the AP-HP, the public hospital system of the city of Paris and its suburbs, with the capacity to manage several hundred additional beds on the #Actipidos Patient Record Management application.”

Jean-François Gaudy, Chief Innovation & Digital Officer at Gfi, explains: "The opportunity to put our technological expertise at the service of the general public and healthcare professionals, through the development of chatbots and the integration of solutions based on artificial intelligence, embodies our vision of the utility of digital technology for society. The conversational platform is intuitive because it is in natural language. In particular, it makes it possible to collect the public's questions and to adapt the answers progressively. It is also a valuable tool for real-time analysis of matters that are of concern to our citizens.”

This initiative is part of a search for relevant health content, as explained by Dr. François Sarkozy, founder and presenter of the program: "Knowledge of the relevant information on Covid-19 and its implications for our daily lives, as well as recommendations from the best experts, is key to our collective victory in this fight. French citizens are asking themselves questions, and providing them with the right answers will enable them to fight the epidemic more effectively. Gfi's technology has enabled us to create this intelligent platform, with a process of continuous improvement, which will provide answers to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible and with the most accurate information.”

Chatbot technology for all

This interactive and conversational platform is based on complementary pillars such as the integration of oriented dialogue techniques and questions formulated freely, information based on data and recommendations from the TouspourlaSanté.tv editorial team, all in a combined text and video format.

As an intuitive and scalable solution, it already makes it possible to guide the user in their research concerning health and daily life issues depending on their region, and thus contribute to the understanding and correct interpretation of the recommended health measures.

This platform also acts as a communication relay for the general public and offers the possibility to gauge public opinion

Gfi and Tous pour la Santé are currently studying the possibility of adapting this system for healthcare and other professionals in the field and deploying it internationally.

Proven technology by Gfi

Together with its partners, Gfi has been innovating for several years in the creation of solutions based on artificial intelligence. These solutions, deployed at many CAC 40 companies and institutional clients, are the result of several years of research and development.

Find the chatbot here:

About Gfi
The Gfi Group, present in more than 22 countries, is a leading provider of value-added IT services and software. Gfi occupies a differentiating strategic position between global firms and niche entities. The Group uses its multi-specialist profile to serve its clients with a unique combination of proximity, sector-based organisation and industrial-quality solutions. With around 20,000 employees, the Gfi Group generated revenue of €1,595 million in 2019.

About Touspourlasanté.TV
Tous pour la santé.tv, is a channel on YouTube, launched in 2017 by paediatrician Dr. François Sarkozy, which gives the floor to health experts. The ambition is to bring together all health stakeholders with a fact-based and cross-cutting approach. For more information:

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