Currently broadcast on BFM Business, this report highlights the UMI3D offer, promoted by the Innovation Department:

BFM Business filmed the Innovation team at the FabLab in Paris, which present the UMI3D consortium, federating industry, universities and territories around open source projects and allowing virtual reality devices to communicate with each other.

Applicable to different sectors of activity (Industry, Health), the UMI3D exchange protocol makes it possible to collaborate in the same AR / VR workspace, whatever the medium used. The engineer can change his 3D environment in the blink of an eye.

Led by Gfi, the UMI3D consortium was recently inaugurated at the Laval Virtual International Exhibition." The consortium truly represents what can be done in open innovation, in other words, to break down the barriers between the different functions. All the specialists can work together and create something new together." Jean-François Gaudy, Chief Innovation & Digital Officer.

More information about UMI3D:


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