Confronted with a new challenge linked to the acquisition of an industrial site, Algaia called on Gfi Informatique's SAP teams to implement an SAP project in 12 weeks. Sylvie Le Cossec, Administrative & Financial Director in charge of Human Resources, IT and Strategic Purchasing, talks about this fruitful collaboration, which received an SAP Quality Award.

Algaia is an SME specialised in algae extracts of natural origin. The company distributes natural ingredients internationally for agri-food, cosmetics and agricultural sectors. In September 2016, the company acquired the industrial site of Lannilis in Brittany, from the Cargill Group.

In order to validate the acquisition of the site, Algaia's management called on Gfi Informatique to deploy the SAP All-in-One solution in three business areas: Sales, Purchasing and Finance, and all in less than 3 months. The stakes were high for Algaia, who could not allow any break the customer and supplier cycles.

The Algaia and Gfi teams were able to execute the project in 12 weeks thanks to efficient organisation and the application of an agile method allowing rapid deployment of all phases. The success of this project is essentially due to the close collaboration between the two parties, the autonomy of the teams and the support, particularly logistical, of Gfi Informatique.

And the story has a happy ending! This project enabled Algaia and Gfi Informatique to win the silver medal in the Fast Delivery Project category of the SAP Quality Award 2017 France, presented at the annual convention of the French-speaking SAP Users' Association.

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