From Geneva and Zurich, Gfi in Switzerland operates application and infrastructure services, and provides business solutions mainly for the Telecom, Banking, Finance & Insurance, Public Organizations and Aerospace-Transport sectors.

Mainly operated from the centers in Poland, Morocco and Portugal, the services focus on the SAP offer, including migration to S/4 HANA, specific development on behalf of clients, project management, promotion of BI and Big Data solutions, as well as a telecoms activity with an OSS team in Zurich.

As for software, the offer stands out with the Chronotime time and activity management solution, the KD Prevent tool to combat bank fraud, as well as the Firmin concierge service installed on the Pepper robot.

With 46 employees, Gfi's Swiss subsidiary generated revenue of €9 million in 2018 working for Nokia, the Canton of Vaud, the Republic and Canton of Geneva, Deutsche Bank, Cembra MoneyBank, BNP Paribas, MSC, Julius Bär and BCV among its main clients.