The Group's second largest entity after France with more than 2,900 employees, the Gfi Group operates in Spain in the fields of Application Services, Infrastructure Services/DevOps, Software and Enterprise Solutions through 16 sites, including 2 service centers (Seville and Alicante) and 4 centers specialized in Security, Health, Banking and Telecommunications.

Considered as the “central hub” of the telecom operator Telefónica, the Spanish subsidiary stands out in its market with its offers for API and Microservices management, BSS & OSS Process Transformation, Automation and RPA, as well as predictive maintenance for the industrial market.

Gfi in Spain generated revenues of €136 million in 2018 and counts Telefonica, Grupo Santander, Ejie, Bankia, Biskaia, Euskatel, BBVA, Quironsalud, Ericsson and Mapfre among its main clients.