Historically born from the acquisition of the IMPAQ Group in 2016, Gfi in Poland operates its application services, infrastructure services, professional solutions and consulting from 4 service centers (Warsaw, Lublin, Łódź and Poznań) for the Banking Finance & Insurance, Distribution Services, Aerospace and Transport, Electronics, and Telecoms sectors.

The services include cloud infrastructure migration, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and blockchain, IoT and Predictive Maintenance, Business Intelligence and Big Data, as well as compliance. Securing the entity's delivery helps companies accelerate their innovation cycles, strengthen the fight against fraud and ensure their commercial operations.

With its 365 employees, Gfi is a strategic service provider in Poland for clients such as Rolls Royce, T-Mobile, Pzu, Wipro, Cumulocity, Allianz, RBS, Nokia Volkswagen and Santander. The Group generated nearly €17 million in revenue in 2018.

Gfi in Poland was honored with a Forbes Diamond Award in 2019, which is given to companies recognized for their efficiency, reliability and credibility by clients and partners.