The Gfi Informatique corporate’s governance is divided into a Board of Directors and four special committees.

Board of Directors


Mr. Vincent Rouaix                                                  Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Mrs. Nathalie ANDRIEUX                                      Director
Mr. Bernard BOURIGEAUD                                   Director
Mr. Hamdi CHATTI                                                  Director
Mr. José COJEST                                                        Director representing employees
Mrs. Charlotte DENNERY-DUFOURCQ             Director
Mrs. Gabrielle GAUTHEY                                       Director
Mr. Patrick de GIOVANNI                                      Director
Mr. Alekh GREWAL                                                 Director
Mr. Keith HIGLEY                                                    Director
Mrs. Christine REMOVILLE                                  Director


Mr. Santhosh Krishnamoorthy                          Observer
Mr. Jean-Paul Lepeytre                                         Observer
Mr. Gérard Longuet                                                Observer
Mr. Henri Moulard                                                  Observer

Representatives of the Central Works Council of the Gfi Informatique UES:

Mr. Laurent Calvet
Mrs. Nadira Zeroual

Audit and internal control committee

Mr. Patrick de Giovanni                               Chairman
Mrs Charlotte Dennery-Dufourcq            Member
Mr. Alekh Grewal                                           Member
Mr. Santhosh Krishnamoorthy                 Member

Appointment and compensation committee

Mr. Henri Moulard                                        Chairman
Mr. Bernard Bourigeaud                              Member
Mr. Alekh Grewal                                           Member
Mr. Santhosh Krishnamoorthy                 Member

Investment committee

Mr. Vincent Rouaix                                           Chairman
Mr. Alekh Grewal                                              Member
Mr. Santhosh Krishnamoorthy                    Member
Mr. Jean-Paul Lepeytre                                  Member
Mrs. Christine Removille                               Member

Strategic committee

Mr. Jean-Paul Lepeytre                                 Chairman
Mrs. Nathalie Andrieux                                 Member
Mr. Bernard Bourigeaud                               Member
Mr. Hamdi Chatti                                            Member
Mrs. Charlotte Dennery-Dufourcq           Member
Mrs. Gabrielle Gauthey                                 Member
Mr. Alekh Grewal                                            Member
Mr. Santhosh Krishnamoorthy                  Member
Mrs. Christine Removille                             Member
Mr. Vincent Rouaix                                        Member


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