The Gfi Informatique corporate’s governance is divided into a Board of Directors and four special committees.

Board of Directors M. Vincent Rouaix Chairman and General manager Mme Anne-Lise Bapst Administrator M. Patrick de Giovanni Administrator M. José Cojest Administrator Employee representative Mme Carolle Foissaud Administrator M. Alekh Grewal Administrator M. Keith Higley Administrator Mme Sabine Schimel Administrator Observers M. Santhosh Krishnamoorthy M. Jean-Paul Lepeytre M. Gérard Longuet M. Henri Moulard M. Nicolas Roy Representatives of the Central Works Council of the Gfi Informatique ESU: M. Laurent Calvet M. Nadira Zeroual Audit and Internal Control Committee M.Patrick de Giovanni President M.Alekh Grewal Member Mme Sabine Schimel Member Appointments and Remuneration Committee M.Henri Moulard President Mme Anne-Lise Bapst Member M.Alekh Grewal Member Investment Committee M.Vincent Rouaix President M.Alekh Grewal Member M.Santhosh Krishnamoorthy Member M.Jean-Paul Lepeytre Member M.Nicolas Roy Member Strategic Committee M.Jean Paul Lepeytre President MmeCarolle Foissaud Member M.Alekh Grewal Member M.Santhosh Krishnamoorthy Member M. Gérard Longuet Member M.Vincent Rouaix Member


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