Personalised career management

We give our employees the chance to develop and surpass themselves, each contributing to the success of the whole team.

Our objective has always been to attract and keep the best skills and most talented people. So we strive to offer motivating career prospects. Each employee benefits from personalised career monitoring, with stage reviews and appraisal interviews.

At Gfi, employee drives their own career according to their ambition, potential, performance and the opportunities available. Career development possibilities are plentiful, considering the variety of our businesses and geographical locations, as well as the pathways within a given sector branch or between branches. We map all skills and businesses within the Group*, which gives us a clear vision of all potential career paths so that we may better recruit, promote and develop skills.
* via GPEC: Gestion Prévisionnelle des Emplois et des Compétences (provisional management of jobs and skills) and the Mozaic RH project

Your interests are in line with our objectives, your progression and the development of your skills are essential to the group’s dynamic and the motivation of each and every employee. This is why training is central in our employees’ careers. Throughout your professional career, we will offer you various courses, be they in technical, business or personal development fields. We also make a point of ensuring that all our teams have expertise that is in line with changing markets and our clients’ demands.

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