Stagiaires, alternants et jeunes diplômésInterns, work-study students and graduates

The recruitment of interns, work-study students and graduates is of primary importance since each talented individual recruited and trained on recent technologies and innovative methods contributes to adding value to the assignments we carry out for our clients.

We strive to foster skills transmission, both in terms of know-how and attitude, by recruiting graduates and pairing them with tutors who are experienced employees within the company. We are also attentive to improving the operational skills of our recent recruits, who constitute a veritable pool of potential candidates for long-term positions.

GfiWork-study students

Work-study students are supervised by a tutor throughout their time within the Group.  

All work-study tutors are trained so that they are familiar with the challenges of work-study programmes and aware of the daily supervision they must provide to the students in our teams. Each work-study student is generally integrated into a specific team, with progressive support on their fields of intervention.

We make a point of letting work-study students give regularly give feedback on their workload and assignments. Job prospects for these students particularly concern those with a profile matching our core businesses, i.e. IT, sales and cross-disciplinary functions.