Alastria ID will be available in the new production network

Inetum, European leader in digital services and solutions, and Telefónica Tech will collaborate to deploy the Self-Sovereign Identity model Alastria ID, defined by the Identity Commission of this consortium in its productive blockchain network.

Thanks to Alastria ID, the new network will provide a service on which projects can be built using the Self-Sovereign Identity standard with the necessary service and governance levels to be deployed in production with full guarantees. Alastria ID is a self-managed identity model based on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Verifiable Credentials standard designed to facilitate compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for individuals, companies, organizations and entities. 
The use of credentials issued on different networks will enable interoperability across multiple applications.

The Alastria consortium has just signed an agreement with Telefónica Tech - the Telefónica unit that brings together digital businesses with high growth potential linked to IoT&Big Data, Cloud and Cybersecurity - to provide the partners with a network in Hyperledger Fabric for productive and experimental applications. 
The first of the value-added propositions to partners that will complement this initiative will be the Alastria ID digital identity model.

Based on the specifications of this model and adding the strengths of Telefónica and Inetum, work has begun on the implementation of a model in Hyperledger Fabric with all the challenges it implies. This collaboration brings together the knowledge of Inetum's blockchain technical team in Alastria ID and SSI -both for its participation in the core team of the Identity Commission and other communities and for its experience developing projects such as, for example, Dalion- with the extensive experience of Telefónica's team in blockchain, recently included in the Forbes Blockchain 50 list, and in particular in Hyperledger Fabric technology, which currently even has representation in the Technical Steering Committee of the consortium promoted by the Linux Foundation. 

Manuel Calderón, Inetum Cybersecurity and Digital Identity Director & Group VP, says: "Self-managed identity is the natural evolution of today's identity systems, even more so if we take into account the GDPR guidelines. Credential standardization and technical interoperability of credentials across different networks are necessary for all initiatives - such as Dalion or the EBSI-ESSIF project - to be compatible for the existence of cross-sector and cross-border use cases, as well as for the sake of citizens themselves, for the sake of simplicity and their privacy."

Alastria ID technical specifications

The technical specifications have been built with the collaboration of more than 90 Alastria partners in the framework of the consortium's Identity Commission. Throughout 2019 and 2020 a core team of developers has developed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) implementation in Ethereum (Quorum) consisting of Smart Contracts in Solidity, a library in NodeJS that overlays them and an API specification in Swagger. On the other hand, in order to have a demo, we have also developed a mobile application "identity wallet" and a web capable of interacting with it.  
Additionally, some scripts have been published that make use of the libraries as an example to facilitate the dissemination of the model among developers and some automatic tests so that any project can test its compatibility with the model. Currently, the European Commission's EBSI-ESSIF project is aligned with Alastria ID, which would maintain interoperability and make it one of the most powerful self-managed identity models in the global ecosystem.

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