Orange Africa and the Middle East: a 360 ° view of its customers and an improved customer relationship with CRM integration

Since an excellent client relationship is a central pillar of its “2020 Essentials” plan, Orange launched a major transformation programme for its client IS solutions. This involved implementing a CRM solution within its AMEA (Asia, Middle East, Africa) subsidiaries to improve the customer journey and experience.

 Orange Cameroon and Orange Niger are some of the first subsidiaries to be launched as part of this transformation. The challenge for Orange is to achieve better knowledge of its clients in order to anticipate their expectations, provide them with new offers in keeping with their requirements, build loyalty and, ultimately, increase its market share in a highly competitive sector.

Orange Niger must also meet a second challenge: updating existing order-taking systems that have become obsolete and no longer meet business requirements.

Partnerships with leading publishers

We were able to meet this challenge by relying on our business skills acquired in particular at Orange Africa through our Telecom Solutions unit. Likewise, our many partnerships with market experts have enabled us to offer a fully integrated solution that is extremely relevant and effective: Microsoft for CRM Dynamics, the 360º view of Dassault Systèmes and the PCU (Unified Order Taking) of Orange Groupe, which favors the management of the catalog of offers and the taking of orders.

The client relationship: key to a project’s success

Our strong investment in the relationship with the ISD teams of the Group and its subsidiaries, as well as with the business lines, has ensured a sound understanding of the operator’s requirements. This close collaboration is strengthened by our experience as an integrator for Orange and our expertise in this type of project, which enabled us to carry out end-to-end integration within the existing information system.

A benchmark for future projects

The solution implemented aims to become the benchmark in Orange’s strategic plan for the transformation of CRM systems, among others. As a result, the project strategy may be implemented across many Orange subsidiaries.

It is important for Orange to build on Gfi’s work in order to replicate this project to reduce risk while ensuring continuous improvement. The end client also wins!

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