Selling well often means on buying well. Gfi’s Ordirope publishes and integrates industry-related ERP solutions for suppliers in the retail and export sectors.

Ordirope was created in 1989 and was integrated into the Gfi’s Software Publishing unit in 2015. This convergence and the complementarity with Gfi’s existing Transport & Logistics software offers a better insight into the transformations within the sector and reinforces our ability to accompany customers in their digital transformation strategies. Ordirope is currently a publisher and integrator of management solutions for retail suppliers. They can count on almost 100 employees, experts, consultants, trainers and R&D engineers, available in 7 agencies based in France. The company is also present in several countries in Europe, America and Asia, and offers support to its international customers.

A real alternative to large ERPs

As a real alternative to the large ERPs and with considerable expertise in French legislation and distribution standards, the Minos ERP offers a solution that is particularly appreciated in the food, pharmaceutical/hygiene/health sectors as well as hardware/tools/gardening/home improvement (production, traceability, logistics flow, price management and promotions, supply chain, importation) sectors. The EDI Referential Articles tool (GS1 standard), “Décisionnels”, makes it possible to access powerful tools for routine management and guidance of companies in these sectors.

The customer/supplier relationship and omnichannel in BtoB

Ordirope has consistently driven innovation in the customer/supplier relationship market with a complete range of solutions, services and partners (accountancy interface…):

  • Minos ERP, ERP solutions for SMEs and for key accounts in the retail sector;
  • Minos CRM, solutions for managing customer relations;
  • Product Information Management and the associated eServices;
  • Minos e-business, extranet and multichannel publication solutions;
  • Mykerinos, ERP solution for micro-enterprises in the retail sector.

These solutions work in synergy with the Gfi Transport & Logistics software offers:

  • Optidock, Yard management System solution (for optimising vehicle movements on delivery sites);
  • Ulysse, transport management system solution (TMS) to optimise transport;
  • Bext-Magellan, complete WMS for warehouse management and optimisation.

Provision and forecast in terms of stock optimisation

Given the financial, commercial and service quality challenges and how stock optimisation contributes to these in the retail sector, Ordirope has developed another strategic offer: the Planipe optimisation solution. "Miss Numé has used the Planipe Ordirope solution to increase its response rate to customer orders. As a result, in 6 months it has halved its stock shortages while at the same time reducing stocks by 15%," explains Julien Laurent, its chairman and co-founder. Like Miss Numé, there are now more than 500 active sites that currently use Ordirope business applications.

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