Doing business anywhere, anytime, through any channel, offering the advice and services that customers expect from you: Gfi’s omnicommerce offer is based on our experience and expertise in meeting all of these requirements.

Whether it is in a shop or on the web, by telephone or on a terminal, at 2 o’clock in the morning or during rush hour in the underground, buying, asking advice, finding the size of the dress you need without waiting for 3 weeks, learning how to optimise products... omnicommerce offers solutions to all of these requirements.

The ideal solution for tomorrow’s trade

Many people in distribution, mass retail and services are trying to integrate specialised elements in a unified environment to create the ideal solution for tomorrow. But they are starting from today’s complex and disparate environments. The solution will necessarily need to be more social, mobile, but anchored in local shops and services, adapted to each customer, participative… Instead of spending tens of thousands of working days on software integration, Gfi uses its experience to secure your project, to be on the mark faster, and to let you focus on your market strategy, customer knowledge, offers and your competitive positioning. All sectors are covered: e-marketing, CRM, e-commerce, digital instore, e-logistics…

The best of digital

Gfi relies on the best of digital technology to bring you:

  • Knowledge of the best market solutions for each of the main sectors (Marketing, Sales, Customer Relations, Purchase/Procurement, Logistics/Delivery, Finance/Accounts/Payments, …) with specialised modules:
  • Cross channel products
  • Cross channel promotions
  • Omnichannel web, logistics, warehouse and contact centre
  • Invoicing/accounts e-commerce
  • Payment hub
  • Omnichannel control tunnel
  • Data Mining and Customer Campaign Management
  • An architecture and infrastructures that maximise digital performance (usability and quality of customer experience, response time, security, flexibility, software … cost control, referencing and web visibility…):
  • Network Content Delivery & flux control
  • Security, log management, instant image processing
  • Critical Business hosting
  • Varied tests

Experience, references and innovation

As an assembler, is capable of taking the realities of an industrial operator into account from the start of the design process, Gfi has cumulated experience and references worth more than 1.5 billion euro of e-business operations annually. Whether it is to evaluate/audit an existing system or to contemplate the needs of tomorrow in a structured way, building and running powerful solutions, transforming businesses and processes that are in contact with BtoB or BtoC customers, Gfi can help you to control the full scope of progress and ongoing innovation in your market

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