Time management, the cornerstone of performance

The management of working time in the healthcare sector poses a twofold challenge in terms of organisations’ performance and financial returns. It is about have right people available at the right time.

Time management brings together many strict requirements: compliance with legislation –timetables, duty schedules, practitioners’ obligations – and medical safety. The software system for medical time management is therefore highly specialised. It also has to integrate current mobile tools.

Gfi-Temps Médical, for assistance with decision making

Gfi-Temps Médical is the solution dedicated to this particular issue. It has a workflow for managing  requests for time off, and off-site functionality for the input of on-call interventions.

The Planning and Duty roster feature, with its clear visuals and simplicity of use, is a valuable instrument for decision-making. The tool manages compliance with applicable rules in real time.

Gfi-Temps Médical is delivered with a pre-configuration in compliance with legislation and can be used instantly. It integrates into your software system regardless of your HR solutions.

With Gfi-Mobility the off-site features are available on smartphone or tablet.

Download the Gfi-Temps Médical offer and discover all of its features (document in French)

The functions

Balancing the needs of HR, managers, department heads, medical and non-medical officers, Gfi-Chronotime and its specialised module Gfi-Temps Médical propose and innovative approach that puts every player in his own context and supplies the specific tools required.

Rosters: tools for decision-making support

  • Planning per person
  • Automatic or manual staff assignment
  • Association of locations with positions in each roster to optimise assignments
  • Automatic solution search based on several criteria
    • Example:
      • Search for a person who has the required competence for a given position
      • Person who can be from another department (service, sector, centre…) or external to the institution

The duty roster: global overview

  • Weekly overview per quarter day
  • Team composition display
  • Visualisation of practitioners’ status

Controls: guarantee for compliance with rules

  • Automation of processes such as the positioning of safety rest periods
  • Real time verification that data is fully compliant with regulations
    • Example:
      • Alert with a specific colour on the duty roster of differences in regards to the contract (according to presence, duty, practitioners’ on-call obligations…)

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