Seminar of Socinfo “Digital Modernization of the AAPP in Andalusia”

We will be waiting for you during the seminar “Digital Modernization of the AAPP in Andalusia” the 20th of September where we will speak about blockchain and his usage in the Public Administrations.

The event is organized by the Socinfo Foundation below the title “Sociedad de la Información” will be relied on the sponsorship of Gfi, among others entities, and will take place in the Cajasol Foundation, Hall Antonio Machado (c/ Chicarreros, 1. Seville).

Jaime del Barrio, Head of the Innovation for Gfi Spain, will realize a presentation at 1:45PM about blockchain and his usage in the Public Administrations, he will explain what is blockchain and how the complex process is applied.


09:00AM | Reception

09:30AM | Welcome drink

09:40AM | Opening

Ms. María Gema Pérez Naranjo. Director-General of Digital Policy. Department of Finance and Public Administration. Council of Andalusia.

10:10AM | The experience in the Local Administration: Electronic Catalogue of Procedures in the Local Administration (CEP@L).

Mr. Juan Manuel Fernández Ortega. General-Director of Local Administration. Counselor of the Presidency and Local Administration. Council of Andalusia.

10:25AM | The role of the persons, process and technologies in the digital transformation in the Administrations.

Ms. Eva Sánchez Caballero. Business Development Manager. Canon Spain.

10:40AM | G-ONCE: Tools of the electronical administration in the new legal framework.

Ms. Elisa Sobrino Crespo. Partner and Consulting Director. Guadaltel.

10:55AM | Question Time

11:30AM | Coffee break

12:00 | The experience in the Andalusian Agency of the Knowledge. Council of Andalusia.

12:15PM | The citizen participation in the environmental area. Andarrios Program.

Mr. Manuel Jesús Cabello. Department Head of the Social Communication. Counsellor of the Environment and Ordination of the Territory. Council of Andalusia.

12:30PM | The experience in Universities

Mr. Julio Barbancho Concejero. Deputy Assistant of the Information Technologies. Vice-rectory of the Digital Development and of Evolution. University of Seville.

12:45PM | Question Time

12:55PM | The experience in the Province of Seville

Ms. Carmen Rodríguez Quirós. Manager. Provincial Society of IT (INPRO). Province of Seville.

01:10PM | Open Government and Innovation in the Transparency and Data Protection Council of Andalusia.

Ms. María Esperanza Dorado Pérez. Head of the IT Department. Management Board of Transparency and Data Protection of Andalusia.

01:25PM | Question Time

01:30PM | The experience in Telecommunications.

Mr. Manuel Ortigosa Brun. Director-General of Telecommunications and Society of the Information. Counsellor of Employment, Company and Business. Council of Andalusia.

01:45PM | Blockchain for children. How to create services and Blockchain business today.

Mr. Jaime del Barrio. Innovation Director. Gfi Spain.

02:00PM | Move forward for an Administration of the Council of Andalusia open, digital and innovative.

Mr. José María Sánchez Bursón. Director-General of the Andalusian Institute of Public Administration. Counseling of Finance and Public Administration. Council of Andalusia.

02:15PM | Question Time

02:30PM | Closure

02:50PM | End

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