ROFF Spain has presented the digital transformation of SAP solutions

Within the framework of the AUSAPE Forum 2018

ROFF, company of the Group Gfi, was present during the AUSAPE Forum 2018 to speak about SAP solutions and its benefits for the company. To demonstrate those advantages, Gfi has presented a real successful case of the Portuguese company Zarrinha.

SAP has evolved a lot in the past 5 years in order to take advantage of the digital transformation of its customers. According to Joao Coias, Solutions Architect of ROFF and responsible of the Conference “SAP technologies are currently the corollary of a set of these evolutions and is considered as the central element of the Internet of Things, the mobile devices, the Big Data, the Business Network and the Social Networks”.

The 3 fundamentals pillars of this evolution are, on one side, create a new user interface, be focus on him, in order to allow him the access from any device, with access via browser and which facilitate and improve the workflow, and also assist the decision-making.

On the other hand, a data model completely new and simplified, with a simpler structure, robust and scalable, which counts on a unique reliable source and with an execution more prompt. And thirdly, we have used the innovation as the basis of the Internet of Things and also of the management and for the analyze a very large amount of data.

In the year 2016, the Group Gfi, has reinforced his offer in SAP technologies thanks to the acquisition of ROFF Consulting, thus becoming one of the major companies in the market of implementation and maintenance of SAP solutions.

NOTE: The acronym ROFF means the initials of the last names of the four founders of the company and must always be presented in capital letters.

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