Gfi Spain becomes a Premier Business Partner of Red Hat

Gfi Spain has achieved two key specialties of Red Hat for the Cloud Infrastructure and Middleware solutions. Those specialties involve for Gfi Spain, to be a strategic supplier of solutions Red Hat in both technological areas Middleware and Cloud.
Moreover, Gfi has raised a new level in each specialty, moving from being an Advanced Business Partner to a Premier Business Partner of Red Hat, which is the higher Partnership level from Red Hat.
The specialties prove the technical and commercial capacity of Gfi to install and implement Cloud and Middleware solutions for Red Hat, in line with the specified practices from Red Hat.
According to the team of Gfi made up by Miguel Botica and Arturo Fernández; “thanks to those specializations, Gfi looks forward to work with the customers in order to help them to advance in their hybrid cloud and digital transformation projects with open source solutions taking into account the experience that Gfi already got”.
“We are delighted to welcome Gfi Spain as a Premier Business Partner of Red Hat and we are very pleased to expand the collaboration in the projects of digital transformation for our customers. By combining our skills and services in could hybrid, the companies from all the sectors can beneficiate of the open source mode Red Hat and help to accelerate their IT implementations.”, add Javier García Fiaño, Partner & Alliance Territory Sales Manager of Red Hat.

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