Software AG and Gfi encourage the transformation of the Industry 4.0 in the Spanish companies

Software AG and Gfi continue working jointly with the objective to develop technological solutions for the digital revolution which is currently in progress in the principal agents of the market, principally in sectors as Industry, Utilities, Distribution, Media and Tourism. In order to do that, they have created a laboratory together which develop those solutions, focused in IoT projects, from a point of view practical and oriented to the results.

Both companies, work to offer solutions for the Spanish companies in the design and in the implementation of their transformation projects framed in the Industry 4.0.

The platform Cumulocity, is known as a worldwide leader which was acquired the past year by Software AG, will be the tool utilized to connect and manage with an agile form all the devices of the company, which allows to address tasks of greater added-value, offer solutions in “service mode” or generate new forms of business.

The Vice President of Sales of Software AG Iberia, José Antonio Fernández Abad, has highlighted the fact that “work with a partner as Gfi will help us to develop jointly the IoT market in Spain and develop programs of digital transformation that the companies establish”.

For his part, Carlos Muñoz, Managing Director of Gfi Spain and Executive VP of Iberia & LatAm of Gfi commented “this collaboration between Gfi and Software AG, is supposed to be an important step forward to convince the companies to do the new industrial revolution, or equivalently the Industry 4.0. The aim is to develop together innovative projects that will enable our customers to achieve their digital transformation with success”.

This collaboration is in line with the strategy of Software AG to enhance their cooperation and within the European expansion plan of Gfi in order to offer new services for their customers.

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