Present on the Romanian market through the Polish company Impaq integrated in 2016, Gfi's activity in Romania was strengthened with the acquisition of Vauban in 2018. Gfi in Romania is essentially a major player for key accounts in the Finance-Insurance sector, while operating in the Aerospace and Transport Industry, Telecommunications, Energy and Retail sectors.

From the service centers in Bucharest and Constanza, Gfi's 450 employees provide application services to deploy business solutions, ensure integration, technical and functional assistance, support IT projects and offer dedicated software solutions.

Gfi intends to become one of the leaders in the Top 5 IT services companies in Romania and make the country a backbone for developing the Group's activities in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

Société Générale, BCR, Dacia, T-Mobile and Vodafone are among Gfi's major clients in Romania. The entity generated revenues of €13.4 million in 2018.