Javier Montoya

Junior programmer

I have been in Gfi for about 2 years. The first 3 months, Gfi decided to count on me to finish my higher degree in cross-platform application development. At the end of these 3 months, they gave me the opportunity to join the workforce, through an internship contract offer. I accepted and just 2 years ago Gfi opted for me offering me an indefinite contract.

Currently, I am working in the Gfi office in Madrid, but I have also been working in the client's offices.


Lourdes Morcillo Ortega

DBA Junior

My department is made up of 100 people and we have projects in all sectors, mainly in the most prominent sectors such as Telco, AAPP and Health.

I started working on the year 2014. When I was about to finish my studies, I started looking for work and one of my colleagues told me that they were looking for employees in Gfi. I decided to send the C.V, and I was lucky to be called to conduct the interview. Later they hired me as an intern. I think Gfi has a good company policy, as they hire students who are about to finish their studies with the aim of gaining experience.


José Manuel Sánchez Pedrazo


I started working at Gfi with a 3 month scholarship through the university. After my scholarship, I had an indefinite contract  for over a year.

I chose Gfi for its training offer to scholars in a wide range of Front and Back technologies, which undoubtedly complemented my university studies, benefiting both myself and the company in the long term.

Sergio Zuazo Ortiz de Zárate

Project Manager

I started working at Gfi in 2004 as an SAP Consultant and throughout these years I have adapted my profile to the needs that have emerged.

I currently work as Project Manager, taking care of both the dialogue with the client and the management of the tasks of the people with whom I work. Also, I participate in pre-sale activities to new customers.

José Manuel Suarez

Middleware Service Manager

I started working at Gfi in 1999. In these years, I have seen how the company grew, changed and adapted to the new times, and evidently, it has also allowed me to grow professionally and personally, for which I can only be grateful.

I am in the area of IS (Infrastructure Services) in Gfi Centro, in Madrid. In this area, I started as a support technician, and I am currently Head of Middleware Service with the luck of having with me several consultants and systems architects with great knowledge and attitude, as well as great personal worth.


Isabel Carrascoso

Project Manager for the TELCO Sector

I have been working at Gfi for many years, I have developed my professional career in this company, starting as a Developer and, thanks to the opportunities that Gfi has offered me, I have been able to continue growing until my current position as Project Manager.

I consider that it has always been a company that has enjoyed a good reputation and is a good place to work.

From my point of view, it continues in full growth, always trying to look for business opportunities, and trying to adapt to the new needs that arise and to the new trends. One of the aspects that I like to highlight most about Gfi is the commitment to innovation, for example, through projects related to cutting-edge technologies that have allowed it to remain a reference even in times as hard as recently lived.

Jesús Otero López

Telco and Innovation Project Director

I joined the Gfi Software Development and Architecture team in 2004 and during these years I have been able to verify that Gfi is a company whose objective is the people, both the professionals who are part of the company, as well as its clients and collaborators. Gfi participates in an excellent team with a great sense of commitment and great technical value, which allows you to work with the best professionals in the sector and learn from them.

In addition, a climate of collaboration is fostered, both within the work teams, and between the different divisions that make up the company, transferring this philosophy to our clients, which allows them to work with them as a single team. In this way, we managed to successfully carry out all the challenges we face.

Elena Renedo Herrero

Middleware Administrator

Since my entry in Gfi in February 2011 I am in the Infrastructure Services (IS) area in the Middleware department where I started working with application servers. In this last year, the Middleware department has grown as a result of the adaptation to new technologies such as APM tools.

Being part of the Gfi team has allowed me to know and work on projects related to these innovative technologies, in addition to continuing with the administration of application servers.

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