We have established a management framework based on proximity, guaranteeing a real and operational transformation of industrialization and innovation. We undertake. We achieved.

3rd generation outsourcing is an agile outsourcing. It is the response to the needs of our customers to have the advantages of a proximity industrialization solution in many areas, while retaining the flexibility to innovate. We rely on trust and transparency, to achieve shared management in the process of transformation and progress.

3rd generation outsourcing conceived in agile mode

To respond to constant innovation, outsourcing must be reinvented. Innovation comes from our ability to propose another way of managing outsourcing contracts, able to ensure the success of industrialization, allowing our customers to increase their productivity and transform their IS according to market trends and needs.

Shared management: Our value proposition

Our agile outsourcing offer is based on a shared management consisting of three components. The first: prepare and build a solution from a point of view of distribution and allocation of objectives. The second: to appoint a steering committee whose composition has the presence of a business sponsor. In fact, the mistake made is often to leave management only to operations teams at risk of drowning in the project with technical contingencies and losing sight of global challenges. Finally, the third point: illustrate the birth of the reciprocity relationship, explicitly questioning the mechanisms that no longer create value.

Shared management engages the parties in a process of construction and permanent redefinition of the objectives. It is the foundation of an agile, proximity outsourcing, where the client truly takes advantage of our experience and ability to innovate. 

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