In order to stand out from the competition and retain their subscribers, telecommunications operators are now required to know and measure the customer experience, i.e. how subscribers experience the network and their various interactions with the operator (via the contact centre, chat, email, website, social networks, etc.).

Big Data – a vehicle to improve the customer experience

In order to assess this customer experience, an operator must collect a mass of information from various sources, throughout each subscriber’s full life cycle: his/her acquisition, management, complaints, network quality, billing, requests for extra options or services, etc.

After a few weeks or months, this range of parameters will represent several TB of data to be stored. Data storage is essential to analyse changes in the information.

With conventional database systems, the storage of this information will be very costly, and it is still impossible to manage unstructured data. That is why Big Data technologies are essential to manage such large volumes of date – whether structured or unstructured – at a lower cost.

Combining advanced business expertise with well-proven technical skills

Thanks to its perfect knowledge of multi-vendor network solutions (Ericsson, ZTE, Nokia, etc.), as well as HLR/SDM tools, VAS systems and network telecom protocols, Gfi offers comprehensive expertise in the customer experience and Big Data. As such, we can help you to define the architecture and to implement your Analytics and Big Data (Hadoop) systems through our expertise in issues affecting the sector.

In addition, drawing on our extensive understanding of the business processes involved in customer experience management, we can suggest a technical and business-oriented approach including: creating, implementing and maintaining operator systems for CRM, billing, fraud, operators’ offer catalogues, service management and fixed-network or mobile telecommunications management (OSS). This comprehensive offer includes integration using the operator’s existing tools and applications.

20 years of industry experience

Our 20 years of experience in the telecom industry, combined with our IT expertise, means we can address all your Big Data and Analytics issues. Lastly, drawing on our knowledge of all business processes, we can take into account all aspects of the customer experience.


Download the Big Data and customer experience offer, and discover all the features:

  • Guidance or consulting to analyse the various existing or future sources of data
  • Analysis of use cases identified by the operator
  • Support in defining the governance of processes to be implemented, and support in applying this governance at the operational level to make all participants focus on the project objectives
  • Identifying the challenges, players and their roles, processes and interactions with players
  • Implementing the Big Data base, including the collection andviewing of structured and unstructured data
  • Consulting to refine the use cases and supplement the indicators provided by the solution: QoE, Qos
  • Consulting to assist the operator in detecting new use cases

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