CES Shanghai begins 7th june : decoding of an hyperconnected China. In the margins of the CES ASIA, Romain Henriot, ex Gfi Digital Advisor settled in China for a year, point on the importance of the digital in the Chinese society. (Click on cc for english subtitles)

The CES (Consumer Electronic Show) is famous for its Las Vegas edition that takes place every January in the United States. Less well-known CES Asia in Shanghai receives the new technologies and innovative products’ universe for the third consecutive year. Indeed, China has become an essential platform of the great trends of digital: an event opening that we could not miss, this Wednesday.

China: a disconcerting and inspiring atmosphere

In China, habits such as electronic payment via smartphone and QR codes, through WeChatPay or AliPay applications, turn credit cards obsolete. In Shanghai, twenty platforms share the "pay as you drive" bicycles rental and engage merciless war, after which, there will remain only one. The economic battle is to buy competitor to absorb it and make it disappear, like Uber when the American car driver platform announced that it was transferring its activities to Didi Chuxing, the undisputed leader of the Chinese market. The American unicorn gave way after spar, nevertheless allowing it to own 20% of the shares of this new empire. The bicycles war is thus revealing the symbolic struggle of a megapolis intending to be Smart City. It digitized its services to the point of adding gamification like weapon. Indeed, why choosing this or that bicycle supplier? Point your application to the QR code of a bike and you may earn points or even money. Despite being a city of 24 millions of people, Shanghai is relatively calm. There are some reasons: the purchase of a license plate often costs the price of a car and is auctioned, which limits the number of vehicles; excepting scooters and other electric vehicles that remained until now (but apparently it will not take long now) not - or less - controlled. A great number of users share the road (and often the sidewalks) in a surprising silent chaos.

CES Asia 2017: new technologies and their habits

Gfi Informatique invites you to follow the CES Asia, which brings together the latest innovations in the world and prefigures the arrival of new mastodons, able to compete with GAFAs, when they feel cramped on their immense territory. Through videos and daily interviews that we film on site, live these 3 days of fair to stay at the heart of innovation.


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